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Classes of Qualicoat approved Powder

Each powder manufacturer markets a variety of products with varying terms of guarantee and warranty conditions.

To create a simple classification for all powders manufactured internationally, the Qualicoat body has established 4 classes of powders.

The different classes reflect performance specifications that require increased testing parameters as the Class number increases, as follows:

Class 1 minimum quality level for European regions
Class 1.5 minimum quality level for Australian region
(high UV)
Class 2 Higher durability powders
Class 3 Super-durable powders including PVDF (fluorocarbon) powders


  1. Qualicoat Class 1.5 has been specifically established in agreement with Qualicoat for Australasian conditions. It should be noted that Class 1 rated powder does not have sufficient durability for the Australasian environment.

Qualicoat separates the testing of powders into categories. These refer to finish type such as gloss, matt, etc. The full list of approved powders is available on the international Qualicoat website including all Australasian powders tested. Qualicoat licenced applicators will only be able to apply Qualicoat approved powders as part of their licensing requirements.