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Warranty Information

Under the Building Code of Australia, all suppliers to the building industry are required to provide a six year guarantee of products. All Qualicoat members provide this guarantee.

The powder manufacturer guarantees the coating performance of the Qualicoat approved powder. They do not guarantee the pre-treatment or application of the powder. The pre-treatment and application is guaranteed by the Qualicoat applicator.

Dulux and Interpon have received international Qualicoat approval for their warranty grade powders, along with many other powder manufacturers internationally. Dulux and Interpon both recommend Qualicoat specification.

Standard warranty powders are not guaranteed in some specific harsh environments such as direct coastal exposure. Higher durability powders are available for those conditions.

Coatings need to be reasonably maintained to validate the warranty and maintain the finish. Guidance is available in AS3715 or in the powder manufacturer’s terms and conditions.

High Durability, Extended Warranty
To compliment the minimum benchmark Qualicoat standard, a range of ultra-durable powder coatings are available. These special coatings are essential for large-scale projects where enhanced durability is required, such as high rise buildings or shopping centres.

Extended warranties from 10 or 30 years are available, provided ultra-durable powders are used and applied by approved applicators.